In 2012, Lina Abujamra founded Living with Power Ministries (LWP) as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization focused on bringing hope to the world through Bible teaching locally and medical missions globally. Lina was just finishing her Pediatric ER training as a doctor when God called her to teach the Bible to women. She began her bi-vocational ministry in the year 2000 and by the time LWP was founded, Lina was immersed in communicating Biblical truth for everyday life wherever she could.

Shortly after founding the non-profit ministry, Lina’s path led her back to her home country of Lebanon to run her first medical clinic to Syrian refugees. It was obvious from that day that God had a plan for Living with Power to help some of the most desperate people in the world: the Syrian refugees. Today LWP continues to provide humanitarian needs to both Syrian and Lebanese people on a monthly basis.

While the work overseas grew, Lina’s burden for the American church to experience true revival intensified. The more time Lina spent teaching the Bible to women the more she noticed that people in the Church often want to experience God’s presence more deeply. They just don’t have the time and space to do it.


“The grounds are absolutely breath taking. Sitting by the pond in quietness, hearing the birds sing, watching the sunset is an absolute treat. I find God in the beauty of nature.”

Anne – Women's Ministry Director

The tipping point to start The Hope Ranch grew unexpectedly out of Lina’s unwanted pain of being hurt by the church. In the years after leaving her church, Lina had few people and places to turn to for help. In walking through this dark night of her soul, Lina learned the invaluable gifts of silence and solitude. The very practices that had become so stale and painful to her in the aftermath of leaving her church would eventually become the healing balm that would help her reconnect with God. Delight and joy grew out of old practices that took on fresh rhythms. Lina wrote her book Fractured Faith (released Sept. 2021) describing her journey from deconstruction back to the heart of God.


The Hope Ranch started with a dream, a dream to offer other women the space needed to reconnect with God. Today The Hope Ranch is available for (1) bookings of the entire house and property, (2) retreats led by Lina and the Living With Power team, and (3) silent retreats for anyone who longs to experience God more deeply and find hope once more.